Who We Are ?

Mahagenta is music group established on November 11th, 1996 by some young Indonesian that have passion and talent in playing music. Start from our passion to express our creativity in music art and to bring more colour in Indonesia’s music, the group continue to expand in member, creation as well as in its organization.

As a musical group that live and thrive in the present where the cultural values that are traditionally almost eliminated, Mahagenta still trying to keep producing works nuances of the archipelago with a touch of traditional ethnic colors. However, Mahagenta try to avoid parochialism on a particular musical form by engaging in any possible source of sound that can be shaped and find a way for musical creativity by exploring variety of traditional and conventional instruments. Because for Mahagenta music group, playing music is not enough to just concern on music alone. In the creation of his works, Mahagenta clinging to the view that art that does not stand alone, but is influenced by various supporting elements.
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Rich Culture of Indonesia

Along the flow of romance in the process of self so many years, with all humility, Mahagenta trying to remain consistent in their work despite the current music in Indonesia is currently being intensively exposed to western music. Collaboration traditional musical instruments with conventional instruments to make their own opportunities for the development of the creation of works that lead to cultural progress. This openness is believed to be able to bring Mahagenta to positive developments in music. Ruled with an unwavering determination and spirit, Mahagenta will always try to innovate and brilliant ideas explored in the arts of music, active and productive in contributing to the richness of music in the country.

Hopefully Mahagenta can bring taste in the world of art in this country, and I hope sincerely cultural diversity is seen as the wealth of the nation and unites us to become one of the tools that encourage the development of national music art which eventually became a pride in our own country.
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Menjadikan kesederhanaan dan kesahajaan dalam berkesenian sebagai karakter diri dalam bermusik, sehingga menjadi fleksibel dalam berkarya berdasarkan keragaman harmonisasi universal di dunia seni musik.


Memberikan unsur edukasi sosial budaya dan menyadarkan bahwa lingkungan kita akan menjadi potensial bila kita menggali nilai luhur budaya secara mendalam. Selain itu, menumbuhkan rasa cinta terhadap kesenian tradisional serta menjadikan sumber inspirasi dalam bermusik. Tidak lupa pula memberikan pandangan baru, bahwa “BEDA ITU INDAH


0818-0802-2586 |  info@mahagenta.com

Sanggar Mahagenta
Ragamukti Jl. H. Kain no.15 Rt.003 Rw. 002 Tajurhalang Sawangan
Citayam Bogor 16320 (Peta disini)